Shell Harbour

Shell Harbour


White Flame

Activate your inner passion.


Water Ink

Escape in the city.

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As humans, we are forgetful. Whenever I think about the precious moments in my life, the images, the feelings, everything I cherish about them, they have been forgotten to a blur. That is how I started photography. It is a way for us to hold onto these moments; to their beauty, to their season in our lives, and more importantly, to share with our loved ones.

Remembering the moments. One frame at a time.

framing life's moments


I'm Zibo

The Person Behind The Lens

If you like unconventional, honest, friendly and real photos, I’m your person

After years and years of practice, learning from other famous photographers, my skills are more polished than ever to capture these fleeting frames of our lives. Combined with my experiences and tastes, I demonstrate to you now, in an artistic form, my photos and my life.